About me...

Hi!  I’m Heather!  I live in Northern Utah with my husband, Bryce, and our two children, Miley and Cohen.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am an advocate for all things mental health and enjoy finding healing in so many different ways.  I also enjoy the challenge that having a need brings for me, as I usually find more strength in the journey.

After enduring many different trials in my life, I have come to understand the meaning of empathy, compassion, and support for one another.  Beyond life experiences, I have had to learn to overcome anxiety and depression.  It was a challenge for some time to learn how to live with the parts of me that felt so hard.  I found strength to keep going by learning to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the power of yoga and meditation, finding the value in education and learning to understand what was “happening” with me, and filling my “toolbox” with important things that could help me stay grounded and grateful.  I also learned the value of goals and working to find confidence and courage.

I truly believe that we are given challenges to help us grow and evolve into the beautiful people that we are meant to be.  Each of us has a life specifically designed for us with the opportunity to love and care for others.  It has not been easy, but I have finally come to a point in my life where I can say that I am grateful for the struggles I have been given.

My Lively Vision

My vision is that we can become one as we work together to help lift, support, love, and acknowledge each other without judgement or discrimination.  We can’t live life alone.  It’s too hard.  We are meant to help and serve one another with an open heart, open mind, and loving arms.

My Life Purpose

My purpose is to help others feel they are heard and provide safe space. 

My purpose is to love and to be authentic.

My purpose is to validate the way others feel.

My purpose is to share the Savior’s love for all.

My purpose is to help others find their inner strength and help them bloom.

My purpose is to advocate for others.

My purpose is to help the world become a safe space of understanding.

Living with purpose...

According to Patrick Williams and Diane S. Mendendez, when we know our life purpose, we have access to incredible power to make choices and act (Becoming a Professional Life Coach, p. 211).  Why is it important to know our life purpose and how to discover it?  Discovering life purpose helps us focus our attention on the essence of who we are - "our be-ing" (BAPLC, p. 214).  We can discover our unique life purpose by creating a living vision.  This step by step process allows us to dig deep into our true selves.  Writing a brief statement of our Life Purpose and our Lively Vision helps us to create a strong foundation and being to live with intention.

What is your Life Purpose?

Let's make time to find out!  Contact me today.