“… and they having waxed strong in battles, that they might not be destroyed… “

Alma 9:22, The Book of Mormon

Sometimes we find ourselves with a need.  A need for courage.  A need for confidence.  A need for acceptance, self-worth, goals, new hobbies, discovering new aspects of life, answers to questions, etc.  The list goes on and on and on.  Together, we can address the need that you face and discover ways to help you fill it.  

What is Coaching?

A totally valid and fair question to ask.  Coaching is the opportunity to work from the present and prepare for the future.  It enables someone to reach outside of his/her comfort zone to find more bliss, more peace, more strength, more courage.  Coaching enables you, the client, to endure through the roadblocks that you feel are in the way.  It helps you to look outside the box and find creative solutions to problems that are encountered on your journey. 

Coaching is not therapy! 

While coaching does bring an element of healing and growth, it does not, and should not, replace professional help.  Coaching can be a beneficial tool to help you engage yourself during a time of discovery.  Let's find a time to talk!